About Us

Company History

In 1991, Melanie Antaro Doche Feliciano settled in the Hamptons after five years off traveling the world.
As an Estate Manager, one of Melanie’s duties was to care for the vegetable gardens.
This is where she fell in love and in 1995 started Wild Orchid Gardens.
It is a love affair that has never died.

Our Services

Our services include garden design, installation & maintenance, flower gardens, container plantings, ornamental shrubs, small trees, vegetable & herbal gardens and property management.

What Makes Us Different ?

Melanie loves her work and takes great care in a job well done. She has an organic approach and  nurturing the soil is a top priority. She establishes compost piles on her jobs which turns into “black gold” .
Her best quality is the ability to listen to her clients and create the space they desire in the garden.