The Siegel family has tremendous respect for Melanie’s skill in creating and maintaining glorious gardens.

Everyone who visits our house comments on the beauty of her work.

– Alan Siegel



Melanie and her crew of professionals have been beautifying our property for the past five years and every year gets better and better.

We give her our ideas and she always brings them to life with her tasteful selection and variety of plants for our gardens.

Melanie loves her work and has a passion for her flowers. Lucky for us that she loves our flowers too!

– Fred Devito & Elisabeth Halfpapp



Melanie aka Antaro, has taken care of our gardens for many years and each season they seem to get more beautiful. Her sense of color and placement is like an artist’s.
She and her staff are caring and insist on natural products which will not harm living creatures.

When Nature makes it difficult with storms or extreme heat, Antaro and her group are here right away to check and be sure that all is well or to improve any problem area.

I am sitting looking at my flower beds and thinking how lucky we are to be surrounded with such a lovely sight!

– A Happy Customer